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Manolis bridge
Such attraction of Manolis Bridge and a feat of folk architecture can only be 'Manolis' but the whole world. Naturally this intention he had when, in 1659, built this magnificent work bridging in the river of Agrafioti and offering safe passage of Evritania to the Swamp (Aitoloakarnania Prefecture). According to tradition, the creator of the bridge, Manolis Chrysiotis, from Daphne Haryana and his wife
A breath of Karpenisi (just 3 miles south) we find a beautiful, historic location, Kefalovriso. Smothered in green, the trees and running waters, Kefalovriso is an ideal recreational area. Here you can relax with the help of the gurgling of running waters, we will enjoy the company of shady plane trees, admire the beauty of the small pond with ducks to stroll lazily back and forth.The facilities of
Kremaston lake
Rarely, human intervention in the natural environment manages to maintain the beauty of nature. One of these rare occasions was the creation of an artificial lake Kremasta, the largest in Greece, which joined so harmoniously into the environment, so only those who know they are artificial may believe.Of course, several important historical and natural monuments and villages had to be sacrificed on
Hill of Saint Dimitriou
South of Karpenissi, just outside the city is the hill of St. Demetrius. The reason for the visit is the view of the entire city Karpenisiou front of us, crowned by the permanent patron, Timfristos Velouchi or if you prefer. According to tradition, this hill was part of Tymfristoy dislodged and landslides here millennia ago. Hilltop castle was said and speculations are strengthening various findings
Monastery Prousou
Awe. Sensationalism. Admiration. Exaltation and serenity. They feel facing the stunning landscape in which they are built one of the most famous monasteries in Greece, the monastery Bursa. Awe, because the scenery is majestic, with the surrounding mountains and Kaliakouda Chelidona be joined at this point, with the steep gorge at our feet reaching nearly to Karpenissi the firs slopes spread out around
Monastery Tatarna
The monastery Tatarna (Lady) was one of the most important pilgrimage sites of mainland Greece, with turbulent history. The tradition says was founded about 1200 After about life 300 years the monastery was destroyed and rebuilt in 1555 the second was destroyed in 1823 by the infamous Kurt Pasha because it was used by fighters of the revolution. Rebuilt in 1841 to destroy this time by a landslide in
Always Raining or Panta Vrechi (In Greek)
Certainly one of the most famous attractions of Haryana, but requires special desire to see, since the difficulty of access to here is moderate (summer) to impossible (winter). This is however Karpenissi Evritania general. With different suggestions for each season (to brings back to often in her arms).The 'Pantavrechi' is not exactly gorge, not just cataract. It's like a movie, something between 'Lord


Agios Nikolaos
One of the most beautiful villages of the municipality Karpenisi is Saint Nicholas Haryana. Built amphitheater choked firs and chestnuts have the largest numbers of days of snow across Evritania and famous for its rich production chestnuts and beans too.A visit to the site of natural beauty near the church of Agia Paraskevi and the village square will come from Agios Nikolaos Vounena dating from 1887.