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Ready Tourism Facilities for Cristmas time

Published on 2014-12-08

All the hotels and apartments in Karpenisi Prefecture are ready to accommodate and service the visitors in Karpenisi and Velouchi ski center of Karpenisi.They wish you best holidays and excursions in this god bless mountain area !
Swearing New Municipal Authority

Published on 2014-08-21

O-elect Mayor Nick Karpenisiou Souliote invites swearing-in ceremony of the new Municipal Authority
Volunteer Participation

Published on 2014-08-21

Forest Holidays 2014

Published on 2014-08-21



Agios Nikolaos
One of the most beautiful villages of the municipality Karpenisi is Saint Nicholas Haryana. Built amphitheater choked firs and chestnuts have the largest numbers of days of snow across Evritania and famous for its rich production chestnuts and beans too.A visit to the site of natural beauty near the church of Agia Paraskevi and the village square will come from Agios Nikolaos Vounena dating from 1887.

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    Manolis bridge

    Such attraction of Manolis Bridge and a feat of folk architecture can only be 'Manolis' but the whole world. Naturally this intention he had when, in 1659, built this magnificent work bridging in the river of Agrafioti and offering safe passage of Evritania to the Swamp (Aitoloakarnania Prefecture).

    According to tradition, the creator of the bridge, Manolis Chrysiotis, from Daphne Haryana and his wife Paraskevi from Vrangiana Village were a childless couple. So, he decided to create a 'child' (the bridge) and his wife two daughters (the church of Agia Paraskevi in Vrangiana and gold Woman or Chryso in Greek).

    The bridge is impressive, arched, with a height of 22 meters and an opening arc of about 30 meters. Still preserved inscription that says: 'It was built in 1659, the Owners Dimitrios and Manolis'. Used continuously for 3 centuries as the only passage from Karpenissi to western Central Greece, until the construction and creation of Kremaston Lake of the Period of 60s.

    Since then water level rose, Agrafiotis River necame something like between river and lake, but this unique monument has not lost its glory. It can no longer serve hikers, but it became a very special attraction, a sight that never shows the same image to the visitor as well as the lake level when immersed and lost almost all emerging and when presenting a beautiful and mysterious image but . A ceaseless battle that, which comes out a winner when the bridge and when the lake. A battle which oversees the nature and puts their own rules. A battle is very different from that of 1807 AD when kleftes Katsandonis Albanians clashed with the Away Mouchourtari who tried to prevent them from crossing the bridge. In this Turk-Albanians were killed on 80 and 10 Greeks, among them Bob duplicate, godfather Katsandonis, at 75 years old.

    Nowadays in this beautiful corner of Evritania is organized canoeing - kayaking in West Fragista. In order to get here, follow the road to the Karpenisi to Agrinio and after West Fragista take the road to Tsuka and later you will see it on your left.

    From Karpenisi: 55 km
    From ski center: 65 km