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Ready Tourism Facilities for Cristmas time

Published on 2014-12-08

All the hotels and apartments in Karpenisi Prefecture are ready to accommodate and service the visitors in Karpenisi and Velouchi ski center of Karpenisi.They wish you best holidays and excursions in this god bless mountain area !
Swearing New Municipal Authority

Published on 2014-08-21

O-elect Mayor Nick Karpenisiou Souliote invites swearing-in ceremony of the new Municipal Authority
Volunteer Participation

Published on 2014-08-21

Forest Holidays 2014

Published on 2014-08-21



Agios Nikolaos
One of the most beautiful villages of the municipality Karpenisi is Saint Nicholas Haryana. Built amphitheater choked firs and chestnuts have the largest numbers of days of snow across Evritania and famous for its rich production chestnuts and beans too.A visit to the site of natural beauty near the church of Agia Paraskevi and the village square will come from Agios Nikolaos Vounena dating from 1887.

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    Kremaston lake

    Rarely, human intervention in the natural environment manages to maintain the beauty of nature. One of these rare occasions was the creation of an artificial lake Kremasta, the largest in Greece, which joined so harmoniously into the environment, so only those who know they are artificial may believe.

    Of course, several important historical and natural monuments and villages had to be sacrificed on the altar of development and technology. Thus, in the waters of Lake Kremasta rest forever, including the monastery of the Diocese (8th century), the arch bridge Tatarna the source Mardachas (the largest feeder of Achelous), the bridge that when Manolis covered the whole of the water and when it emerges, depending on the level of the lake, the villages of Agios Vassilios, Irons Trichonis Diocese etc.

    The lake began to rise after the construction of the dam Kremasta, whose work ended in 1966 with the construction and the accumulation of vast amounts of water in the region caused an earthquake on July 5, 1966 which resulted in many abandoned villages and farmsteads. The dam, one of the largest in Europe, is dirt and the volume reaches 8.13 million cubic meters. Its height is 160 meters, length 460 meters, while the width of the base is 670 meters. There is also the Hydroelectric Station Electricity The main feeders of the lake are the rivers Achelous, Tavropos, Agrafiotis and Trikeriotis. The lake covers an area of ​​80,000 acres, has a maximum capacity of 4.75 billion cubic meters.

    It is from Karpenissi about 57 km (up to the bridge Diocese). In several places we can enjoy its beauty and to engage in various sports such as rafting, kayak, rappelling etc..


    From Karpenissi 57 miles (bridge Bishopric)
    From ski center: 66 km