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Ready Tourism Facilities for Cristmas time

Published on 2014-12-08

All the hotels and apartments in Karpenisi Prefecture are ready to accommodate and service the visitors in Karpenisi and Velouchi ski center of Karpenisi.They wish you best holidays and excursions in this god bless mountain area !
Swearing New Municipal Authority

Published on 2014-08-21

O-elect Mayor Nick Karpenisiou Souliote invites swearing-in ceremony of the new Municipal Authority
Volunteer Participation

Published on 2014-08-21

Forest Holidays 2014

Published on 2014-08-21



Agios Nikolaos
One of the most beautiful villages of the municipality Karpenisi is Saint Nicholas Haryana. Built amphitheater choked firs and chestnuts have the largest numbers of days of snow across Evritania and famous for its rich production chestnuts and beans too.A visit to the site of natural beauty near the church of Agia Paraskevi and the village square will come from Agios Nikolaos Vounena dating from 1887.

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    Monastery Prousou

    Awe. Sensationalism. Admiration. Exaltation and serenity. They feel facing the stunning landscape in which they are built one of the most famous monasteries in Greece, the monastery Bursa. Awe, because the scenery is majestic, with the surrounding mountains and Kaliakouda Chelidona be joined at this point, with the steep gorge at our feet reaching nearly to Karpenissi the firs slopes spread out around us. Sensationalism, the endless beauties of Evritania, one of the most pristine and clean world. Admiration for the excellent result achieved by the tireless efforts of all those who worked with faith and devotion, under adverse conditions, in order to glorify the Almighty. Exaltation and peace, because this is the perfect place to get closer to God and to ourselves.

    The monastery was founded in the 9th century tradition, or another aspect of the 12th century (according to dating the wall), when Emperor in Byzantium was known iconoclast Theophilus. The same tradition brought to the image of Our Lady (alleged to be the work of an evangelist Luke) from Bursa, a young man with his servant, to escape the fury of the iconoclasts. That image, through a series of miracles, indicated the area in which the Virgin Mary wanted to build the monastery. These two were the first to live the monastic life here, with the names Dennis and Timothy. The first church of the monastery was destroyed by fire in 1587, when it was built today, considered the most famous Karpenisi.

    The Monastery Prousou experienced glory days during the revolution of 1821, when it was used as a base and refuge from the militants. Here and hosted the commander of the revolution Georgios Karaiskakis in order to recover from the heat tormented him for some time. The name of the Karaiskaki connected with the monastery, and funded the silver cover image of the dedicated stars of General and donated his arms (which are now kept in the museum of the monastery) as a sign of respect and gratitude to her.
    Another important year in the long history of the monastery was in 1944, when on August 16 burned a large part of the German army, because it was hiding rebels, thus destroying many important relics, but fortunately not the image of the Virgin, which were placed in a special crypt monks. The reconstruction after the disaster that was started by the end of the civil war in 1950 and continued in the 70s.

    Also in the area of the Monastery, worth to see the clock built like an eagle's nest on the opposite hill, offering stunning views of the monastery and the gorge, the church of All Saints (1754), the building of the Greek School of Arts (1820) and two 'towers Karaiskakis', fortifications that were responsible for the safety of the monastery, who restored and deemed preserved.

    The Monastery Prousou celebrating on 23 August and attracts many believers from Karpenissi and from every corner of Greece.

    From Karpenisi: 32 km
    From ski center: 41km